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Number of results:51

Abernathy, BrianArden Theatre Co0075801017
Abernathy, RobAbout Face Theatre0561110014
Abraham, BradenSeattle Repertory Theatre0818801019
Abrams, LeahThe Custom Made Theatre Company1000017774
Adams, AbigailPeople's Light0967801018
Adams, JillHartford Stage0376801013
Adams, KayNashville Repertory Theatre0258801016
Adams, TonyHalcyon Theatre1000027788
Adler, JeffHorizon Theatre Co0676801010
Adler, JosephGableStage0657251011
Adler, LisaHorizon Theatre Co0676801010
Aiazzi, DeLoresBruka Theatre1000028494
Albert, StephenCourt Theatre0226801015
Alexander, BrycePhamaly Theatre Company1000029490
Alexander, MaryJoActors' Summit Theater1000026831
Alicea, CristinaVermont Stage0578801019
Allardice, BrucePing Chong & Company0977801016
Alldredge, LarrySan Diego Repertory Theatre0118801016
Allegra, A.J.The NOLA Project1000027341
Alleman, ChristopherLake Dillon Theatre Company1000024309
Allen, JanetIndiana Repertory Theatre0486801010
Allen, NathanThe House Theatre of Chicago0999994660
Allen, SusanStages Theatre Company0537821017
Allen-Farley, AnitaGeorgia Ensemble Theatre0079091011
Alsedek, DonaldOpen Stage of Harrisburg0757801012
Andersen, SandraBoise Contemporary Theater0890541012
Anderson, BradleyThe Arkansas Arts Center0375801014
Anderson, DonnaThe NOLA Project1000027341
Anderson, EllenPeople's Light0967801018
Anderson, JustinAurora Theatre0786711018
Anderson, KeithMilwaukee Chamber Theatre0627801010
Andreassi, JamesElm Shakespeare Company0861881017
Andreassi, MargaretElm Shakespeare Company0861881017
Angelson, LynnClassic Stage Company0906801012
Ann Filmer, Attn:16th Street Theater1000021332
Ansin, StephanieMiami Theater Center0776791012
Anthony, VincentCenter for Puppetry Arts0568061012
Arditi, RobinHudson Valley Shakespeare Festival1000005190
Armstrong, DavidThe 5th Avenue Theatre0875731018
Arney, RandallGeffen Playhouse0166801017
Arrigoni, PaulaThe Living Word Project1000020485
Arthurs, Lynn FukuharaEast West Players0736801018
Artigue, CameronArizona Theatre Company0275801015
Arvetis, TomAdventure Stage Chicago1000001183
Asher, SteveTheater Breaking Through Barriers0770561015
Ashley, ChristopherLa Jolla Playhouse0207801018
Ashley, FreddieActor's Express0087950018
Atlas, IanMagic Theatre0317801015
Augur, CatCreede Repertory Theatre0124151018
Auman, ElizabethTimeline Theatre Company0960391017
Ayers, DarrellKennedy Center - Theater for Young Audiences0896801014