TCG is pleased to honor costume designer Willa Kim’s legacy and her life’s work as a pioneer, legend and inspiration for many of today’s theatre artists. Willa cared deeply about developing the next generation of artists and The Willa Kim Costume Design Scholarship will provide exceptionally talented costume designers who are enrolled in a university or professional training program with the opportunity to supplement their fine arts training in drawing and painting.

Because costume designers’ ideas and choices are communicated visually to artistic collaborators, Willa hoped to encourage the studio and graphic skills necessary for better communication.

Recipients will receive up to $7,500 to be used towards tuition, registration, and/or supplies over a one-year period between July 1, 2019—June 30, 2020. International study is allowable, but the scholarship will only cover tuition, registration and supplies, outside of the recipients’ required curriculum at their university, college or training program.

The program defines theatre in the broadest terms, including dramatic theatre, music theatre, physical theatre and object theatre. Artists working in multidisciplinary ways are eligible but must demonstrate a strong theatrical through line in their work.

Each recipient’s curriculum will be hand-tailored to meet their individual goals and needs. While the scholarship does not require a minimum length of coursework, applicants are strongly encouraged to propose a curriculum that will have the maximum positive impact on the development of their technical skills in drawing and painting.

The recipients’ scholarship activities may take place while they are on break from their university, college or training program.

The Willa Kim Costume Design Scholarship is a new program designed and administered by TCG with support from The Estate of Willa Kim.