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Please Note: The information on this page refers to Round 13 of the program, which is no longer accepting applications. At this time, the next round of the Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellowships has not been announced. Email Joshua Smalley, artistic & international programs associate, at if you are interested in being notified when information on Round 14 is available.

Eligible applicants must submit their applications online no later than the deadlines found on the Timeline web page. Please visit our Guidelines & Applications page to download the Guidelines PDF and access the TCG Online Application Portal.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must not work exclusively in other disciplines (e.g. film, television).
  • Must not be a full-time student at a university or conservatory training program at the commencement of the fellowship period.
  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States at the time of the application postmark deadline.
  • Previous recipients of the Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellowships are not eligible to apply.
  • All actors will self-identify the category in which they will apply. Consult the guidelines for more information.

Host Theatres
  • Companies will be TCG member theatres current on dues payments.
  • Theatres may submit only one proposal per round.
  • Theatres may not host two Fox supported residencies concurrently. Previous host theatres who are re-applying must complete residency activities no later than the commencement of the next fellowship period.

Application & Selection Process

Applications are developed by the actor and the host theatre company and submitted by the actor, who is the application contact. Theatres may support only one actor in each round, regardless of category. Multiple proposals will not be considered.

A national independent advisory panel consisting of artistic directors, freelance directors and actors will evaluate the applications and submit their recommendations to the Fox Foundation. The Fox Foundation will determine the final list of recipients.

For more information, please email Joshua Smalley, artistic & international programs associate, at