Tarrytown Symposiums

About the Program:

In 1988, TCG gathered nearly 200 artistic directors from theatres across the United States to examine structures and working conditions that had developed around the art and to evaluate the artistic prospects for the future. The meetings resulted in the publication of The Artistic Home, a landmark report which served as the impetus for the National Theatre Artist Residency Program.

When the report was published, the financial climate was promising and adventurous work was being developed across the country. Many theatre institutions were beginning to develop sufficient resources to ensure their survival. Theatre professionals shared the optimistic feeling that the field had reached maturity and was on the brink of realizing its artistic potential in many new ways.

By 1995, the climate had vastly changed. TCG felt it was crucial to reexamine many of the issues first raised in The Artistic Home and to discuss the most pressing challenges faced by the field.

TCG’s executive director, Peter Zeisler, and director of artistic programs, Fran Kumin, reached out to a variety of artists for their insight and voice to tackle the difficult questions and brainstorm about creative solutions and innovative ideas. In the Tarrytown Symposiums, artists were invited to participate in breakout sessions, open mic sessions and more. Topics addressed included: the current state of not-for-profit theatre, connecting theatres to their communities, the value of partnerships, sharing new models for artistic directorships, artistic risk-taking, developing new audiences, managing artist relationships during institutional change, supporting international collaborations and planning for the future.

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The Tarrytown Symposiums were generously funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Program Calendar:

April 23–25, 2004

Click here to view the 2004 Tarrytown Symposiums Participant List.

June 28–30, 2002

Jeff Aitken, Facilitator

Click here to view the 2002 Tarrytown Symposiums Participant List.

April 14–16, 2000

Karen J. Davis, Open Space Facilitator

Click here to view the 2000 Tarrytown Symposiums Participant List.

April 17–19, 1998

Click here to view the 1998 Tarrytown Symposiums Participant List.

March 3–5, 1995

Click here to view the 1995 Tarrytown Symposiums Participant List.

All Tarrytown Symposiums were held at the Tarrytown House Conference Center in Tarrytown, New York.